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Learn to Manage Ur Stress September 16, 2010

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Stress is something which must be avoided in everyone’s life. But today, it’s a difficult task to avoid the stress in humans life. Because, stress binds with all the situations or tasks. So, learn how to manage the stress. When I talk about stress, one thing which strikes my mind is the end of Martin Luther King Jr. After his assassination, his autopsy revealed that though only 39 years old, he had the heart of 60 year old man! Perhaps a result of the stress of 13 years in Civil Rights Movement in America. Even though he was dead because of assassination, he wasn’t physically fit, only because of stress. Stress spoils the health of the people which is necessary for everyone to survive. Talking about health, it reminds me a quote shared by my friend Jaison Samuel, “When Wealth is Lost, Nothing is Lost; When Health is Lost, Something is Lost; When Character is Lost, Everything is Lost”, a quote by Billy Graham. People’s common behavior is that they don’t want to loss any little thing from them. So, why to lose our health, manage the stress which is necessary for human. Life is full of Ups and Downs. One who knows how to tackle any situation in the life smoothly, wins his life.

Plz wait for the next blog on how to manage the stress…. Currently working on it.

Enjoy The Sharing March 15, 2010

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I’d already mentioned that I love sharing in the About Me page. Today, I got a situation where I realized myself about how I felt when I shared some information to my friends. But this thing happens to me all the time when I used to share something. But today only I noticed myself.
The thing is, whenever you are sharing some information or your knowledge to others, you feel more enthusiastic. This enthu will also gives you that you know something that other person doesn’t know. So, you feel very proud of yourself. This is a natural one. It’s some kind of ego. But ego itself has the positive & negative. Your character and behavior will builds up or goes down by the way you took that ego. If you took that ego in a positive manner, then you’ll never feel that others are dump and your ego will never ever goes up your head. But if you took that in a negative manner it’ll lead you in a negative way. It’ll become a great flaw in your character.
So, this all thing is about your character, character & character….
The character is in the final part of this example. But the major thing is “sharing”. You will definitely feel more happier when you shares some information.
Go and ask any teacher (a good teacher) that how they feel after the class, when they know that the students understood everything that they taught. You can find the answer easily from their face itself. You can understand the result from their body language, their enthusiasm after the class. All you can see is only enjoyment. They enjoy sharing something to their students.
You know, when I was working as a trainer (teacher), I want all of my students to know more than me. I would love to give all the things that I know. But in return I expect all of them to know more than me. That’s the moment I feel more happier than any other.
And one more thing I want to share is, recently I attended a seminar in chennai. For that seminar, there are two chief guests came. One person name is Mr.Vedhagiri Shanmuga Sundaram and another person is Mr.Sambandhan. Both of them are professors who owns Doctorate in Economics and they are one of the best Economist. The great relationship between these two persons is Teacher & Student. Mr.Sambandhan is a student of Mr.Vedhagiri. In the entire seminar, Mr.Sambandhan is a rocking star. At the end, Mr.Vedhagiri told that he is very very proud about Mr.Sambandhan (his student). Thats the moment where Mr.Vedhagiri enjoys a lot about his student, Mr.Sambandhan. See, this all happiness is from the sharing……..
So, start sharing whatever you knows which is valuable to others. This will also builds your character and the interpersonal skill (interpersonal relationship).

Work For Others March 13, 2010

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As I’m seeing in my life, lot of people are working for others, not for them. The power of our work gets doubled when we work for others than for us. The best example is our parents. Go and ask to any parent, for whose purpose they are working. Most of the reply is ‘for their children’. Always the persons who are caring for others will be treated more respectful and equal to GOD. Parents and Teachers are the only persons who can be treated more than GOD. Parents are the person who gave their life to bring a new life. After that they are giving their whole life for their new life. That is their children.

For eg, just say “I’m working for that company” instead of “I’m working in that company”. It makes you more close to that. One more eg is when you are studying for your examination or any class test, you will study only a limited portion. But when you are going to take a seminar on a topic for your friends, your way of preparation will be completely different. You will refer more that what you are having. So, when you are working for others only, your power will gets multiplied, you’ll learn more things in your life. So the theme is simple, just start working for others.

A Wonderful quotes of David Steinal-Rost,
“Wherever we may come alive, that is the area in which we are spiritual”

Try It Out March 13, 2010

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In most of ours life, a very great issue in doing a thing is Starting Trouble. There’s a saying that the most hardest part of writing a letter is the first line. So we should get rid out of this starting trouble to achieve great things in our life.

For this, whenever you are supposed to do a thing which may be a new one to you also. First analyze about it whether it is right or wrong. If you can decide then go for it, else if you can’t decide about that it is right/wrong then just try it out. Don’t think of other persons that they may think you wrongly about your activity. It’ll be fit for only few things. So don’t care about anyone, just try it out. You can learn newly from that.

For eg, there is a seminar/talk in your class. Each one has to give their talk. In this case, never ever feel shy about talking in front of others. Don’t think that the other person will think bad about your talk if you done a mistake. Just go and try then only you will learn from that. It is not only can be treated as Self Learning but also it is a good opportunity for others to learn from you.

So, whatever good things you are doing in your life, don’t postpone it. Start doing ASAP.

A wonderful thought of Albert Einstein inspires a lot,
“The World is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”

Smile Plz… March 13, 2010

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Smile is the more infectious thing in this world. It’ll spread faster with no cost and no reason. If anyone sees a smiling face, he/she will reply with the same, even they don’t know what is the reason behind that smile. That’s the power of the smile! Always keep your lovely face Smiling…

Don’t Read the Book For Once March 13, 2010

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A wonderful treasure my Dad given to me is his books. You can find a small library in my home. He is the person who used to read lots and lots of books.We can learn more & more by reading books. Books are the most valuable & precious thing in this world. Just spend time to read some books.
If you get a chance to read a book which is already read, don’t leave it. Read the book as many times you can. Don’t never ever think that you know everything from that book. Because, each and every time when you are reading the same book, you’ll learn new things that you missed to know in the last time you read it.
In our daily life, our knowledge is keep on updating, So when you read a book which is already read in some atmosphere will teach you many new things. You’ll be seeing/reading the same book in different perspective.
You’ll get really amazed about that the same line will teach you a new thing which is already read & understood in different perspective.
So, never read the book for once!

Analyze About Yourself March 13, 2010

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Whenever you are getting some time to relax or in your free time just sit & relax and think about yourself.
Find out your potential. If you find that you are one of the most leading personality. The best live eg is the master Hero of Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar. He found his potential (in other words he found his uniqueness in which he can shine a lot) in his small age and he concentrated and worked in that. Now he is the top star in the Cricket World. I never forget the words of Brian Lara about Sachin’s achievement, “If Cricket is a religion then Sachin is the only GOD!”.

The most inspired person in my life is Beethoven. Still no one can beat the Beethoven’s music. The best symphony is Beethoven’s only. He is the best example for “Nothing is Impossible”. He is deaf but he is the best till now.

In this world, each & every person voice, body odor and some more are unique. In the similar way, each & everyone is unique in their potential. No one can do like a person who is made for that thing. So find your potential, find your power, find who you are & what for you are here?

The best Japanese proverb is,
“If anyone can do it then you can do it,
if no one can do it then you must do it”.

A person can learn about himself/herself more only in the presence of silence and only when he/she is alone.